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Gaza: COVID-19 pandemic makes us fear the worst

In Gaza, the population fears the worst from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since August, a curfew has been in place and a serious health and economic threat hangs over the population, which depends essentially on daily and occasional work.

The spread of the virus could lead to disaster in this territory, which has one of the highest population densities in the world with more than 5000 inhabitants per square kilometer. Resources are very limited and the population lives in increased poverty.

The health system is failing and there is a serious lack of medical equipment. For 2 million people, there are only 65 respirators, 75 intensive care beds and only 50% of basic medicines. There is a serious lack of testing kits and protective equipment (masks, gel, etc.) for healthcare personnel and the general population.

On top of this, there have been prolonged power cuts in recent days following the closure of the Gaza Strip's only power station, which supplied hospitals. Thus, all the ingredients are in place to make people fear the worst and to terrify the population who is desperately calling for help.

Let us be united with the people of Gaza against COVID-19 !
In view of the urgency of the situation, the FSH is taking action to provide families in need with medical equipment and food. It is important to act quickly and effectively to support the most vulnerable.

Make a donation:

  • With CHF 30, you can help provide a hygiene and protection kit to families in need.
  • With CHF 50, you can provide them with a food parcel containing basic products (rice, oil, flour, sugar...).

The people of Gaza will not be able to cope alone with COVID-19 !