Hearing aids for children with hearing loss in Gaza

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Hear the sweet voice of his mother or the melodious song of birds, listen to a moving song or the relaxing waves of the sea, have the heart that explodes with joy when the doorbell rings announcing the return of the father of work, enjoy the the voice of the muezzin when he makes the call to prayer ... these are simple things, automatisms that one does unconsciously, but whose children suffering from deafness are deprived.

It is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a person with hearing loss and understand what is happening to his life without noise. For example, hearing impaired children do not even have the chance to recognize the voice of their dear parents.

Nowadays, deafness is no longer incurable. In our societies, various methods make it possible to reduce its effects and facilitate the daily life of the people affected. Deaf people have a multitude of accessories to overcome this deficiency. Yet for deaf people in other societies, making up for this handicap is impossible.

In Gaza for example: deafness becomes an insurmountable handicap for children whose families are poor. Because of the crushing blockade, the catastrophic economy and shortages of all kinds, these families can not even meet their basic needs, so buying a hearing aid that costs 750 CHF is utopian ...

In the end, the child is faced with major difficulties that threaten his development, education and future.

Because it is sad and inconceivable that, nowadays, deafness is an obstacle to education, work, or socialization, the Foundation has decided to help 50 hearing impaired children in Gaza by providing them with hearing aids to help them cope with their difficulties. Helping a hearing impaired child today is a better future for him.

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