Solidarity sponsorship of orphans

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Every orphan, like every child, deserves to grow up in a loving home, to have food to eat, and to have access to a dignified education and care. Supporting our program enables Palestinian orphans to grow up healthy and build their future.

With only CHF 50 per month, you provide an orphan with:

  • Healthy food
  • Clothing
  • School supplies for quality education
  • Medical care
  • Community support

Your donation contributes to positively change the daily life of the orphaned child and helps him or her to grow up with confidence.

Together, let's commit ourselves in favor of orphaned children in Palestine! Let's give them a future.


- Thanks to your sponsorship, they can live with dignity and grow up fulfilled !
- Thanks to your sponsorship, they can have an education !
- Thanks to your sponsorship, they can eat their fill and dress appropriately !