The Humanitarian Aid Foundation has a new look !

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After more than a decade of activities, the Foundation is giving itself a new visual identity. This is a strong step which indicates our experience and maturity in our field of action and our aspirations for new horizons.
With its resolutely modern and refined style, our new identity corresponds more to our reality and our ambitions while subscribing to the continuity of our deep principles and values.

What is the meaning of this new logo?
Through this logo, we wanted to highlight the concept of "family", a universal concept based on solidarity, sharing and love, values so dear to the Foundation which places the development of children at the heart of its action and young people, in Palestine or elsewhere, their education, health and well-being with as much kindness as parents.
A simplified graphic work using the colors of Switzerland which wants to be modern to embody innovation, performance and quality and offer a better readability and visibility of our name, to all, young and old, in Switzerland and elsewhere . More suited to digital needs, easier to use, this new graphic charter will be available on our various communication tools.

We change our appearance but keep our values and our essence!
The foundation reaffirms the values of the foundation which aim to promote and develop the most vulnerable. It acts according to the values of respect for human dignity, neutrality, impartiality and transparency.
Our essence is and will always remain solidarity towards the most disadvantaged and the most deprived, particularly in Palestine. Their well-being and your satisfaction are our top priorities.

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