We bring more than help, we sow hope !

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How to relieve a mother who does not have enough to feed her children and sees them fall asleep on their stomachs empty? What to say to a schoolboy who does not find a drinking water point at the school yard and must continue his day with a dry mouth? How to motivate a young person who can no longer find the means to advance in his studies and see his future darken?

In a context of lasting conflict, as in Palestine, the most tragic thing is that they lose all hope in humanity, in the future, in them. Despair accumulates and takes root until it trivialized. People must learn to live, or rather survive, with suffering and pain. AT Gaza, for example, young people are increasingly using a very dangerous drug, a powerful pain reliever called tramadol, to escape the everyday life marked by multiple shortages and crises of all kinds. Failing to escape physically, they drop out mentally.

Can we erase their suffering and cure their pain? Can we understand or even imagine how they feel? Is there a word, a gesture to relieve them?

Certainly yes ! It is possible to help them build their future. With your support, we can free them from some of their daily anxieties and help them cope with the uncertainties of the next day. We do not pretend to erase all their suffering or to heal the pain of the whole population (we dream of it, however), but we intervene concretely with those we reach by providing them with real support that relieves them in their daily life: financial aid, food, clothing, drinking water, electricity ...

Thanks to you, we are helping them build themselves today and regain hope for a better one tomorrow. We show them that they are not alone, faced with their despair, but that we are there and that they can believe in us, in fraternity and solidarity, in humanity !

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