All is well for the Palestinians!

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This is the idea shared by many people. As long as there is no bombing accompanied by the macabre count of the dead, we can blow and ... forget. We can then turn our attention to other more urgent causes. Yes, we have this eagerness to prioritize emergencies and focus on what makes the front page. And unfortunately, Palestine is in the news only when there is a bombing.

We forget that the Palestinians are struggling not to live, but simply to survive. The economy is at a standstill and all sectors are paralyzed pushing the population to live on a drip of international aid. Nearly 80% of Gaza's population depends on this help!

What do you think will happen to this population if we divert our attention? What will happen, for example, to the millions of people supported by UNRWA if the United States does not pay them the funds?

No, everything is not going well for the Palestinians. They do not live in peace and will never live in peace as long as they are under foreign occupation. And until then, we can not, we must not divert our attention and forget them.

Support the Palestinians, support the Foundation! We are counting on you.