The cry of your heart will cover the din of Humanity!

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Dear donor,

The world gives the feeling of accelerating constantly, subjugating us every day to its instantaneous news through the electronic media. The beating of the global economic heart is at the center stage and the conflicts it engenders have become morbid banalities in the "fresh news" concert.

It is the most vulnerable people who suffer the greed of men and who are - ironically - often found guilty of their misfortune. The suffering of others is disturbing and geopolitics has become a subject of easy diversion to talk about the movements of the world without worrying about crushed lives.

The Palestinian people is a poignant example of a serious humanitarian tragedy, to which is added the feeling of humiliation and abandonment. The sad profusion of conflicts should not make us forget the fate of these Gazan families, who lack everything on their own land, with no hope other than our emergency assistance.

At the beginning of this year, let us redouble our efforts for the Palestinian people and their children, who, when they are not overcome by war, are stricken by disease and the lack of a future.

Since 14 years, The Humanitarian Relief Foundation offers you various ways to support disgraced families in Gaza.

Let us help them, help us to maintain faith in a future of which we must be the responsible actors!