Palestinians: a people in permanent shock

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Gaza. One suffers there, of an overwhelming daily life, of a confiscated hope. Yet, in the desolate reality of what may be called the Gaza ghetto, Palestinian youth, like all others, can not help dreaming of the freedom to learn and to undertake in an "after" dreamed as the true departure, the end of the parenthesis.

And now it's all happening for these war-torn children and their families. Let us not passively wait for a political solution to be found and act to meet their immediate needs. If, to the injustice of their fate, we abandon them, we will take away the breach of solidarity that gives them the feeling that they are not alone in the world.

And even if, in Europe, all is not rosy for many of us, let us not forget that Palestine gives us a gift: the immense joy of helping and helping our neighbor, as modest as it is.