Child Sponsorship

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The Sponsorship Program

Our sponsorship program provides regular financial support to orphaned children in Palestine in order to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. It is a comprehensive assistance, redistributed equally to all, according to the priorities identified in the field. Supporting our program allows orphans to grow up healthy and to build their future.

In Palestine, the poverty rate is 53% and food insecurity affects 68% of the population. Thousands of children go hungry, do not go to school and are forced to work to survive and help their families. From an early age, they often face violence and various crises and shortages. Our sponsorship program gives them hope for a new life.

For the orphaned child in Palestine, on top of the pain of mourning, there is a social and family context where material and economic difficulties are numerous.

Together, let's give orphaned Palestinian children hope for a new life. Thanks to you and to your commitment, these children will learn to smile again and be able to believe in their future.

The Solidary Sponsorship of Orphans, a commitment of solidarity towards the most vulnerable in Palestine:
We offer orphaned children in the West Bank and Gaza the means to have a loving home with a happy family full of love, respect and peace of mind. They are thus growing up in a healthy environment that provides them with all the means to build themselves and their future.

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Project Sponsorship: (water, training, occupational integration…)
(in preparation)